Our Service Pricing

Peruse the pricing below for informational purposes only. High skilled labour is a rare commodity.

Negotiable Rates

No two projects are the same. For that reason, we encourage our customers to contact us in order to negotiate the perfect rate.

Global Currencies

Our studio is located in the European Union and accepts payments in EU€. Our customers can easily convert their US$, UK£, or Chinese¥ to EU€.

Standard to Custom

Our customers can hire us based on three rates: (1) Standard (2) Premium (3) Negotiated Contract (4) Long-term Partnership (5) Work for Hire

Flexible Payment

Our customers are welcomed to propose a means of payment for example: 100/0, 70/30, or 50/50 to get their projects completed.


Customers from The Netherlands pay 21% VAT. EEA, ME, NA, SA and African Customers pay their country's respective VAT rate.

Payment Options

Ofamfa's customers can easily pay per hour or per project. We highly recommend a partnership arrangement on long term projects.